Languishing in a post-industrial city.
Freelancer, moonlighting as an artist. I make videogames and videos with games.
Some of my recent works are featured below.


Acedia of Arcadia

in collaboration with Matt Ossias

Acedia of Arcadia documents the disenchanted gaze of a player who has satisfied every obtainable goal in various videogames, left to only to ruminate on the stillness that erupts from the cessation of desire. Gameplay from different dystopian cyberpunk and dark fantasy games are combined to emphasize a shared graphical affinity for realism, one-point perspective, and sublime landscapes typically used to afford an optimal perspective for strategic manipulation of the game world. Now, all these character models, coded mechanics, and environments are left in a state of infinite play, a game without a game.

“Even the infinite must repeat, or it’s not really infinite… right?”

Brain Teaser


A morbid meditation on the cruelty of cognition. British avant-pop singer Charli XCX, German Romantic poet Friedrich Hölderlin, and post-apocalyptic action RPG Fallout 4 collide in a virtual mash-up. The scene draws parallels between the arduous task of self-reflection imparted by sapience and the decisive choice of the game developers to not settle for empty polygonal meshes, but to actually model a head with flesh and blood. Lots of blood.

Wandering Scope


Wandering Scope video examines how even the freedom in play is limited by the game’s interface. Taking footage from the stealth-action game Hitman (2016), the player enters a prolonged boredom after having accomplished all objectives. The only activity left to do is to watch. Where the careful analysis of NPC behaviors, environmental triggers, and timed events used to determine intentional strategic action, now gives way to mere routine.

Medium Red


Part eulogy, part sonic artifact, this necromantic elegy captures the eternal purgatory of Julia Heartilly from Final Fantasy VIII (1998), a pianist who dies before her song could be heard by her lover. Canto-Pop singer Faye Wong was commissioned to sing “Eyes on Me” for the game, providing the voice of Julia postmortem as the song is only heard in the final cinematic. The song itself was written by Japanese composer Nobuo Uematsu in broken English. There is convergence of various translations, cultures, and modes of being in a game that itself deals with themes of dreams, time-travel, parallel universes, death, and most conventionally, unrequited love.


Timepiece made in Unity

A timepiece depicting a blue flower that sheds infinite petals.


All it does is turn

Variable duration

A short necro-drama where the player investigates a string of historical misadventures. Execute mercy. Unfurl this mortal coil. Behold your body.

Download here.


Variable duration

An endurance game of condemned life. The player faces death time and time again. Freedom is defined only by its necessity as a mechanic.

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